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Contactati telefonic un expert BRD in Finantari Europene la numarul de telefon 0800.80.EURO (0800.80.3876)

fonduri europeneEUROBRD Financing Solutions

The EUROBRD financing programme offers financing solutions to the beneficiaries of European funds, while adapting to any of its customers’ needs

  • You have an idea for a project but you don't have the sources to implement it?
  • You have heard of European funds, but you don’t know how to get them?
  • You don’t know if your project is eligible for obtaining European funds?
  • Your project has been approved by the Management Authority, but you don't have any liquidity to start it?
  • You don’t have your own sources necessary for the implementation of the project approved by the Management Authority?
BRD believes in you!

Let’s find our together about:
  • The financing programme that suits your project
  • The best financing solutions offered by BRD
  • The steps to follow in order to implement the project

In addition You can benefit from the guarantees offered by... Moreover We guide you towards specialised consulting companies...
...The Rural Credit Guarantee Fund
...The National Loan Guarantee Fund for Small and Medium Enterprises
...depending on the type of project, in order to prepare the business plan, the feasibility study, and the financing application